Quick Alarm Plus

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An Alarm that rings at intervals selected by you. Place the widget on desktop, pick a pre-defined interval and alarms at the moment you specified.


place the widget on your desktop and select time, press set alarm (set button) to set alarm at selected interval. A message stating the alarm is set will be shown.

When alarm is set, press unset alarm (unset alarm) to cancel the alarm. A message saying the alarm is cancelled will be shown.

Clicking on the number or clicking the Quick Alarm icon will bring up the interval selection dialog. You can select intervals here as well.

When an alarm is set, a dismiss button is also shown so you can disable the alarm.

Known Issues:

If you cannot find the ap on the market, maybe you are in a country that doesn't support paid-apps on android market. You can still use the link below to purchase this app.

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